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Kimora Lee Simmons & Tyra Banks, late 90s

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Freddie Gibbs tweeted this today. Most people aren’t aware that he almost got killed back in 2004 when he was setup by some people he was working with and ended up getting stabbed in the eye. He even wrote a song called The Wrong One that details this horrific event. If you’ve ever noticed his facial scar, this is where he got it from. Freddie Gibbs is truly the epitome of a gangsta rapper, especially in today’s candy coated music industry that’s overflowing with fake ass wannabe thugs, and where you can make millions rapping about being a drug lord kingpin and ruthless murder even though you’re just a fucking lame parole officer.

"I would’ve never put my trust in a hoe. I gave that bitch like 30 seconds then I bust in the door, like BAH! Nobody move or somebody gettin’ wet up. A room full of cats with gats, this was a setup. A vato from the side stabbed me in my eye, partially blinded from the blood, but I let shots fly. I back up out the crib, ducking and running, niggas is dumping. Heart pumping, body numbing from my adrenaline rushing."

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